010: Ramen ft. Lian Parsons

lian graphic

This week, my friend Lian joins me to talk ramen!

First, we hear about her perfect comfort food- carbonara- and then we get deeeep into ramen.

We cover what she looks for in restaurant ramen and we then move onto the instant stuff: brands, price, how to improve it (including making your own seasoning packet, adding fried garlic and fresh scallions, etc etc there’s so many TIPS!)

We also cover how instant ramen has the power to be there for you on difficult days when the ol’ mental health isn’t at its best and literally nothing else will do the trick.

Lian shares her best bets for ramen in Boston, London, and Philly, and at the end, you’ll hear a BONUS COMFORT FOOD SECTION about the perfect, flaky, British institution that is the Greggs sausage roll.

Here’s Lian’s post on how to improve instant ramen:


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