013: Baking ft. Julianna Duholke

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This week, I’m joined by my magnificent friend Julianna! We talk about President’s Choice white cheddar mac and cheese (if you know, you know) and holiday meals, and then we delve into the world of baking.

We talk about baking as meditation in this, the darkest timeline; the beauty of sharing baked goods and which ones to bring to a party; the joy of teaching friends to bake; which ingredients you should always double; how to bake without spending all your money; why all brownies should have icing and none should have nuts; the origin and life of her 10-year-old baking binder; and Julianna’s extremely true but brave and controversial opinion: that everyone can bake.

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012: Cascading Leftovers Theory ft. Ma’ayan Plaut

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This week, my friend Ma’ayan joins me to discuss her genius meal prep method called Cascading Leftovers Theory, which is inspired by the prep fridges of restaurant kitchens. Basically, it’s all about prepping individual building block ingredients early in the week and turning them into different things every day. We talk about how and why she started cooking this way, how it prevents boredom and encourages creativity, what staple ingredients she relies on, the power of sandwiches, seasonings, and immersion blenders, and how going out to brunch can help you try out this method of cooking!

You can find Ma’ayan on Twitter @maayanplaut.

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011: Road Trip Food ft. Zaliqa Rosli

zal ep grphic

This week, my awesome friend Zaliqa joins me to chat about road trip food!

We talk at length about poutine, the perfect food, and then we dive into eating while driving across the country! We cover roadside mom & pop restaurants, Tim Hortons vs. Dunkin Donuts, the different types of highway rest stops (from Ontario’s OnRoutes to the desperation Denny’s all over the continent), important tips for first time roadtrippers, and the magic of super-seasoned Snyder’s of Hanover pretzel bites.

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010: Ramen ft. Lian Parsons

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This week, my friend Lian joins me to talk ramen!

First, we hear about her perfect comfort food- carbonara- and then we get deeeep into ramen.

We cover what she looks for in restaurant ramen and we then move onto the instant stuff: brands, price, how to improve it (including making your own seasoning packet, adding fried garlic and fresh scallions, etc etc there’s so many TIPS!)

We also cover how instant ramen has the power to be there for you on difficult days when the ol’ mental health isn’t at its best and literally nothing else will do the trick.

Lian shares her best bets for ramen in Boston, London, and Philly, and at the end, you’ll hear a BONUS COMFORT FOOD SECTION about the perfect, flaky, British institution that is the Greggs sausage roll.

Here’s Lian’s post on how to improve instant ramen:


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009: South African Food ft. Carla Conradie


This week, my lovely friend Carla joins me to discuss South African Food!

We talk about the joy she finds in rooibos tea, the cultural institution that is braai (including boerewors and braaibroodjie), the biltong bin at JFK, droewors, melktert, koeksisters, bobotie, and the supremely first-gen/immigrant feeling of being the weird Canadian cousin when you go back to where your family’s from.

And of course it couldn’t be an episode with Carla without a lengthy section on Nutella, so we covered that right at the top.

As promised, here’s a link to South African celebrity chef Zola Nene, and food writer Hope Malau!

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007: Cooking Meat ft. Nate McKenzie

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This week, I’m joined by my friend Nate! He tells me about his comfort foods and his recent stellar meals, and then we chat about cooking meat at home!

Hear about the magic of marinating, the forgiving nature of chicken thighs, how to overcome raw meat anxiety, why low and slow is the way to go, Nate’s biggest meat-cooking fail, the basics of raw-meat safety, the power of experimentation and spices, and why chicken breast is a tricky beast that should only be attempted with caution and experience.

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