006: Meal Planning ft. Grace Harris & Zoë Carlton

In this special on-location episode, we recorded in Philly! We get to know my wonderful friends Grace and Zoë, and then they share their amazing tips for meal planning!

We discuss how meal planning saves them tons of money, how it helps them de-stress from their crazy law school schedules, how they deal with food truck FOMO, where they find sources of meal plan inspiration, how helpful shortcuts make things easier, how they divide the labour but enjoy meals together, and how living and eating as a community make cooking and shopping much more fun- and bottom line, that ANYONE can do it! 

We also hear tons of meal ideas thanks to a full Grace & Zoë meal plan, and lots of meal examples all through the episode, so take notes and get inspired!

ALSO we hear the origin story of the name “Snack Judgment”!

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005: French Food ft. Margaux Joly

In Episode 005 of Snack Judgment, we meet my friend Margaux, and we talk about the myths and the marvels of French food!

We discuss being vegetarian in France, the quintessential French cookbook “La cuisine pour tous” by Ginette Mathiot, the culture of hosting and serving apéro, the practice of making a special meal on a Sunday and eating it all week, the joy eating big lunches and light dinners, and the truth that french food isn’t all as heavy or fancy as we’ve been led to believe.

We also hear about Margaux’s three-colours cooking rule, how she learned to cook, and her tips on how to get into French cooking!

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004: Suburbs ft. Haylee Carlyle

In this episode, we get to know my friend Haylee and then start talking about eating in the suburbs!!

We talk about suburban chain restaurants, mall food courts, eating at Costco (samples & hot dogs), and the agony and the ecstasy of eating at 7/11. This one will hit particularly close to home if you happen to be from Toronto, Dallas, or Boston, but either way, if you grew up in a suburb and have ever gingerly ventured back to a chain restaurant you ate at as a teen, this is for you.

My side-mission is for nobody to ever feel ashamed of eating anything, so I also discuss the time I enjoyed a chicken caesar Hot Pocket from 7/11 and enjoyed it.

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003: Entertaining ft. Ericka Grawey

After getting to know my friend Ericka, the queen of entertaining, by discussing her favourite comfort foods, we talk about cooking for a crowd!

We talk about the magic of delegation, go-to snacks for a crowd, wine vs. cocktails, the power of lists, entertaining must-dos and no-gos, the need for home economics in school, how to be an extremely helpful guest, how to relieve cooking legs, the buzz of entertaining adrenaline, the best dinner party layouts, the magic of chaos, and missing our friends.

Reach out to Ericka @grawzer on Instagram if you want some personalized party advice – take her up on this!! Trust me!

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002: Food TV ft. Melissa Shohet

In the second episode of Snack Judgment, we get to know my friend Melissa and then dive into our main topic: food tv.

We talk about Guy Fieri (Diners Drive-ins and Dives AND his Grocery Games), Julia Child, Chopped, what improv has to do with food tv and with cooking, young Melissa’s Iron Chef: Battle Pistachio, Great British Bake-Off, gender in Top Chef and Chef’s Table, the magnificent Cristina Martinez of Tacos El Compadre in Philly, David Chang’s Ugly Delicious, Samin Nosrat’s Salt Fat Acid Heat, and stocking up on snacks before watching food tv.

If you’ve ever felt feelings about any kind of food tv, join us!

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001: Cheesestrings ft. Maddie Dean

In this first episode, we get to know my friend Maddie a little bit by talking about her favourite comfort foods and the most exciting thing she’s eaten lately- and then we get down to business.

We discuss cheesestring etymology! Cheesestring shame! Low fat vs regular! Cheesestring brands! Cheesestrings at work and in public! The aesthetics of a cheesestring eater! Cheesestring confidence! Cheesestring history! Oaxaca cheese! Armenian braided cheese! Cheesestring evidence! Chain cheesestring eating! Cheesestring theft!

If you’ve ever had an opinion about cheesestrings, this is for you.

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